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Christie Lee

Christie Lee, 
Founder & President

The most memorable aspect of my journey is the financial stress that affects the majority including those, like myself, who are insured but still face the unimaginable financial responsibility of expenses not covered by insurance plans. This financial responsibility adds stress which can interfere with recovery and overall wellness. Due to my experience with the financial stress of being a breast cancer survivor and that of others, I set a personal goal to make this facet of survivorship less stressful for my community.

As the founder of The C Foundation and a breast cancer survivor ( 2012); I formed this non-profit 501(c)(3), organization to assist survivors and help them stay hopeful on their journey to a well-deserved recovery with less stress and worry.

The C Foundation also strives to address the often-overlooked emotional and physiological aspects of breast cancer survivorship by providing a forum for women to share and connect. We have a number of initiatives that support healthy survivorship through no cost education, products and services.

Survivorship Begins with Diagnosis!



Kimberly Terrell, Vice President

Emil Abner, Secretary


“The greatest purpose in life, the greatest achievement one could ever have in life, the greatest satisfaction one could ever get in life can only be found in the service of others.

If your loved one or close friend is living with breast cancer, chances are you are feeling more emotions than you can even express. Breast cancer care is full of treatment options, medications, and an entirely different language than what you are used to. You might be feeling overwhelmed, scared, anxious, or confused, and all rightfully so. Whether your friend was just diagnosed or been fighting for some time, we are here to join your team by giving you some tips on how to become the best caregiver possible and support her breast cancer care.

How You Can Help Cancer Survivors

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Breast Cancer has many faces, a family member, a friend, a neighbor. Get involved so we can create a world free from the pain and suffering.



Educate yourself about breast and other cancers to increase awareness for your and your family. Education also decreases the stigmas connected to cancer.


Corporate partners provide critical funding that allows The C Foundation to achieve its mission. Every day, the impact of their support is felt around the world by women and men who are seeking. Eat Healthy, Exercise, Check yourself monthly, Listen to your body and trust your intuition, Engage yourself with positive thoughts.

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The most important thing you can do during your journey: "Take Care of yourself with the same level of care and compassion that you show others. You must put on your self care soldier suit on NOW so you can care for loved ones later". Most of all: Meditate, Envision, & Expect the Best.

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