Who we are


The C Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. The C Foundation will commit products and monetary donations to support insured and uninsured persons receiving treatments or no longer receiving treatment. The C Foundation will commit to enhancing the quality of life through sponsorship, fundraising, donations, and pledge drives that support our Champions locally and throughout The United States.


Our mission is to eliminate financial barriers and provide financial resources to any breast cancer patient with financial need for treatment and surgery or for breast cancer patients who have completed treatment and responsible for out of pocket costs.

My Story

Surviving breast cancer, with a now 5 year old daughter, forced me to rethink my essence. After receiving this diagnosis February 2012, I was forced to redefine my being, my emotional state, my goals, my priorities, and most importantly my beauty.  Beauty:  the THING that gives pleasure to the senses is the definition I now incorporate into my life after having to redefine myself and my essence once chemotherapy removed ALL of my body hair and almost my soul.  Living each day in treatment taught me to rely on my senses versus my outward appearance.  I decided early on to make my relationship with beauty more intimate with others by giving comforting touches, allowing them to always see me smiling, or hearing positivity from my heart.  These actions made me feel beautiful despite the outward appearance of my journey.  As chemo removed some of me, I filled the new space with inspiration, thankfulness, appreciation, music, love, strength, and hope. I allowed my character to express all of the wonderfulness I felt inside; even on my most fatigued days....I strived to be beautiful.

Feeling pretty or embracing beauty can be a challenging when you've been hit with the side effects of breast cancer treatment. From weight gain, to libido challenges, it is somewhat impossible to accept the fact that you have been given a second chance at life, yet you no longer accept your new self living in this second chance.  The loss of finances, sexuality, and normalcy that may occur after being diagnosed with breast cancer can be devastating.  I was asked to be the Face of Breast Cancer for Guilford County for Susan G. Komen in 2013 and as a Face, I worked hard raising the awareness of early detection and raising money for the research to find a cure, but I knew something was needed for those like me; trying to find our way once diagnosed.  This passion created a foundation (The C Foundation) whose primary mission is to enhance the quality of life of those diagnosed with breast cancer.  One of our intended accomplishments is to rebuild the self-image and to create new journeys for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Going through this journey myself, my struggles lead me to create ways to help others……I have to believe that if I can help someone else heal, my healing will follow. Sometimes healing isn’t a deep mystical formula or a long spiritual road; it is simply enjoying a moment that touches your senses…something that gives you a moment of peace, sanity, or the motivation to press on.  The C Foundation creatively began a #creatingmoments initiative to assist survivors in recreating positive new self-images and rebuilding all aspects of health and wealth by uniquely providing donations for those struggling with fatigue, depression, or for those who no longer have the financial means to lighten their loads.   Our foundation’s unique donation concept provides companies the ability to support our initiatives when these initiatives are not inline with the company’s social responsibility programs.  The foundation, of course, gives traditional assistance to medical costs and daily needs but unfortunately, many believe that life goes back to “normal” once diagnosed.  This concept of “normal” can be hard to obtain and becomes far from the truth due to side effects that can be physically and mentally debilitating.  We've found that a little fun goes a long wayyy.....