I'm a mother, Social Worker and part time radio personality. I was diagnosed with Ductual Carcima and I'm striving to assist others who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Today makes the 13th year of my operation. I felt something strange in my breast as I was preparing to go to the Bayou Classics in New Orleans. I had to wait several weeks to see my GYN and and another week to receive my results. I called after my biopsy and ultrasound to learn that I had breast cancer. I received 6 treatments of chemotherapy, 33 days of radiation and 5 years of Tamoxifen because of one positive lymp node.

Define your new space...your new normal?
As a result of treatment and my diagnosis I've met other survivors including 2 men who were diagnosed. My belief system is once you know something you have do help and do things to help others through their experiences. So I started a support group in my community. People in my community know to reach out to me with a questions and/or concerns pertaining to breast cancer. We do whatever we can...provide transportation to appointments, supply resources for needs, or simply share our stories to let others know they are not alone.

What's your new view on life?
I have grown to enjoy life. I embrace others now and I accept people for who they are . I don't jude the attitudes of others because you never know someone else's story. I no longer have bad days. I've had my bad days so I only look for greater and know that greater is coming.

How has The C Foundation changed your life?
The C Foundation has given me new friends and new families....it has defined new beginnings. I expect The C foundation to continue to sew seeds of faith and love to support breast caner survivors and their families.