My name is Magen Brown and I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28.  

Tell us a little bit about when you were diagnosed.. how you found out.
My husband and i waited a while to have children. We had been married for 8 years and I decided to get off the pill to start a family.  Shortly after that I got pregnant. During that time I also found a lump in my breast.  It was normal.  I had a ultrasound.  They told me "oh it's just normal.  It's hormones.  your pregnant.  we will just watch it.  don't worry about it.  we will check back in 6 months.  I was pregnant so i didn't want to have surgery but my regular doctor told me if I had a lump i would want to get it taken out and checked.  Well, I had a miss carriage and decided to have the surgery since there was no other reason at this point not to.  My surgeon told me it wasn't cancer it is pink ad incased.  I asked to see it.  I was at work one day when I go the call.

They sent it off to pathology? 
Yes they sent it off to pathology and they told me "you have cancer"  I said me are you sure.  I didn't have any symptoms, no family history, genetic testing came out normal, it's like this random thing.  It turns out to be triple negative.  You are going to have to take chemo, multiple surgeries, radiation.

What surgeries did you have? 
I had a double mastectomy. I told them to take them  I don't want to ever go through this again in life.  12 weeks of chemo, mastecomtomy, and 32 treatments of radiation.  My insurance company at first wouldn't pay for a certain kind of laser treatment.  The other type would have caused heart and lung damage so the doctor fought the insurance company and they paid for the better treatment.  During the course of my treatment I discovered that my  husband was cheating on me.

Was this a part of what you were going through with breast cancer treatment etc? 
Yes.  I told him this will affect him as much as it will me.  We need to go to counselor but he didn't want to go.  He didn't want to talk about it.  We were wrong and you just don't expect it that young.

What has this diagnosis done for you?
It made me appreciate life more.  I have always wanted to do the color run.....I ended up doing the color run alone.  It is almost a gift.  It makes you appreciate life.  Things people take for granted I now appreciate more.  I have met so many wonderful people.

How have we impacted your life? 
It makes me know that everyone isn't bad.  Meeting you guys has restored my faith in humanity.  It let's me know that people are still very nice and kind.  What was your first reaction when you got the call from CAGNO.  I was overwhelmed.  I thought I didn't deserve.  yes, I want to go to the All Star game.  This was right on time.

How nice is Levi's making you look? 
Thank you Roy.  I was a little nervous about how the jeans will fit.  It's hard for me to get jeans that fit.  I am so short.  These fit perfectly.

Have you ever been to an All Star Game?

So what will this do for you? 
I want to pay it forward.  This has made such a big impact in my life.  Even if it is connecting people.  I know I could never pay The C Foundation back but I will do anything to pay you guys back.


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