I'm a mother of 3 sons, the grandmother of 5 grandchildren and I was diagnosed with breast cancer August 2015.

I was taking a shower and performed my self examination and found a lump in my left breast. At first i was afraid to go to doctor but my mother encouraged me to go. I was officially diagnosed in August of 2015.

What treatment did you receive?
I declined radiation and decided to have a double mastectomy after doing some research. I didn't know the stage and didn't care because I just didn't want it to return. While I was healing we learned that my mother was diagnosed breast cancer at the age 75. We are now in the process of going to the doctor to follow up on her diagnosis.   We believe in prayer and we are each other's strength.

What has being diagnosed done for you?
I have more patience, I am more Godly. I thought I knew God but now I know that I know Him. He gave me a reason to become closer to Him. I am currently working on receiving breast reconstruction to not so much as look better but feel better about me.

So, tell me how you feel about the C Foundation? You didn't know who we were, never heard of us. How have we inspired you?
The C Foundation has inspired me to reach out to other women in my situation or who may not be as fortunate. I am thankful for Levi's for making me look and feel beautiful. I also have to thank CAGNO for supporting me. CAGNO has been there for me through my journey.